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Creket’s Giveaway Event ‘Guru’ Creators

2020.07.28 09:15:30
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What is a Giveaway Event?


A ‘Giveaway’ on a social media platform refers to an event when the creator receives samples of the products they are being sponsored, and gives some of it to their selected followers/fans in a form of entertaining and engaging event. 



Why are they into Giveaway Events?


It is one of the best ways to interact with my followers, while helping the sponsor brand to gain followers and life-long customers. The best part of hosting a Giveaway Event is that it creates a win-win situation for both parties. 


For the creators, they can thank and reward their followers with gifts, while a Sponsor can benefit from the viral marketing event. The best takeaway for Sponsors is that they also have a very high possibility to convert this event to an explosive increase in ‘actual’ sales of the product, without having to spend hundreds of dollars.





Three Giveaway Guru Creators at Creket 



Rachell’s Activewear Giveaway 


Rachell is a Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness content creator based in Singapore. She loves to travel and share pictures of her newest styles, and share videos of her home workout tutorials. The best part of collaborating with Rachell is that she can host ‘Fantastic’ Giveaway Events. Promote your product with Rachell’s 16k followers through a Fitness attire or Beauty Giveaway. 




Meggy’s Tea Product Giveaway


Meggy is a creator based in the United States with a niche in creating content that promotes healthy food for her followers. As a nurse, she is able to deliver a more reliable message regarding nutrition and health facts. Collaborate with Meggy for a Food Giveaway event and promote your product to her 18k followers.  




Marya’s Make-up Giveaway 



Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기

☀️GIVEAWAY ALLERT ☀️ Ciao ragazze per festeggiare gli 11mila followers Ho pensato per voi questo bellissimo giveaway “che sà di estate” REGOLE PER PARTECIPARE AL CONTEST: 1️⃣Lasciare un commento sotto questa foto 2️⃣essere iscritto al mio Instagram e il mio canale YouTube (mary durni) 3️⃣tagga 3 amici - Il contest terminerà il 21/07/2020 - Vi comunicherò la vincitrice 🥇 qui nelle stories 🍀buona fortuna ☘️ .............. ............. #giveaways #giveaway #giveawaycontest #giveawaytime #giveawayalert #giveawayindonesia #free #contest #repost #giveawayindo #win #giveawaymakeup #follow #instagiveaway #freebies #love #contestgiveaway #like #contestalert #giveawaywinner #giveawayid #competition #gift #gifts #freegiveaway #giftideas

Marya durni 🌺(@marya.durni)님의 공유 게시물님,


Marya is a lifestyle and mom-focused content creator based in Italia. As a mom of two beautiful daughters, she likes to promote lifestyle and baby products to help her fellow mothers raising a child. In addition, she has loads of experience collaborating with brands and hosting Giveaway Events. Promote your brand with Marya’s 12k fans for a baby or beauty product Giveaway.


8 Giveaway Event Host Creket Creators 


Fashionable Singapore Beauty Blogger's Home Workout


Healthy Food content collab with a Nurse Creator in U.S

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Content with Spanish Model

Fashionable Singapore Creator with Empathic Stories



Korean ASMR Vlog creator's Fashion Styling

UK Athelte’s CrossFit Vlog and Fitness Videos

Malaysian Gamer's Tech Review



Baby Product and Lifestyle blogger from Singapore


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