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Why product samples are crucial for influencer marketing

Admin 2020.07.30 08:32:34
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Why product samples are crucial for influencer marketing

4 benefits of sending out product samples to your creators.

For a product based sponsorship, shipping is the first step. Creket encourages sponsors to ship physical products to your creators to make a successful campaign. 

Here are 4 benefits of sending out product samples to your creators.

Creators will get started instantly 

In most cases, your creator will need to have the product to create branded content. Sending the product sample means that there is no time wasted to start making content. Especially, if you are in a hurry to get the branded content out (e.g. to make it in time for special seasonal events), you can choose the faster delivery options and get the product to the creator’s door for timely content creation.

Add more excitement to unboxing experience

When you are sending the product to your creators, you can add more excitement to the unboxing experience. Your creator is also your potential customer. The goal here is not only providing a great product, but also having a package that they deliver Wow experience over to creators.

Remember, creators are your potential customers in your niche. If your product’s original packaging isn’t that appealing, you can put more effort into the presentation. Use this chance to personalize your package with a handwritten thank you note, referencing your previous conversation. Get creators excited about your brands. They will voice your brand with positive, passionate endorsement. It really fuels creativity and hype for your brand. After all, that is what matters for partnering with creators.  

Benefit influencers as special perks before official product drops  

Optimally, brands need to create hype and demand before product launch. Guess what? Creators also LOVE  showing their followers the next new thing. Sending creators your newest release and creating content about it is the perfect way to introduce your new release to the public.  

Shop Creket weeks ahead before your product drops. Then, send out the prototype or a sample product a couple weeks before the launch so that they can spend time using the product and will be able to give an experienced review with his or her perspective once the product drops. Creators  can also create a teaser image or video about the release of the product, and keep their niche pool of audience excited for what’s coming up next for your brand. 

Give extras for creators to run a giveaway campaign

Whilst sending a product for creators, you could also consider sending extras to run a giveaway. Your creator is your creative partner, making it easier than you doing it all by yourself. It’s an automatic win for both of you. Not only that it creates a great hype for people to talk about your brand, it’s a great way to get your products seen by the creator’s  followers and reach new customers. 

After the announcement, follow up the winners and ask for their feedback. Repost what they talk about your product on your social account to amplify the effect of the giveaway. Those who haven’t won the product will also be interested in your product. If giveaway winners express their interest, you could follow up to them with a special offer. 

📌Pro tips: When you work with high-profile influencers, it’s most likely that you will be contacting their assistant. These people are gatekeepers. Build a good relationship by giving extra products for them to use as well.

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