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Boost sales revenue via giveaways with Creket creators

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Boost sales revenue via giveaways with Creket creators 

Check out amazing benefits for running giveways with Creket Creators. 



Whether you are launching a new product or service, or wanting to boost sales, a giveaway campaign can be an effective way to increase brand awareness, gain more followers on your social media accounts, or generate User-Generated Content (UGC). 


Especially when your business is product-based, running a contest and asking participants to take a photo using your product will give you tons of fresh content that you can reuse later. It also gives a new perspective about how your product can be used in various ways. 





Creket Creators can take off your workload

They can help you decide how users will participate, defining contest rules, selecting campaign hashtags, and launching the giveaway. They help you make a contest that aligns with instagram promotion rules and will also be responsible for engagement and answering questions related to campaign, so that you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty details.

Advertisement vs. Endorsement, which one do you prefer?

If your brand profile runs a giveaway, it is seen as a type of advertisement and some customers hesitate to take an action. However, influencers interact with their audience everyday and giveaways are their usual strategy to boost engagement. The people who follow influencers trust their thoughts and opinions and are very likely to be interested in a product they have endorsed. This will ensure that your giveaway will have more engagement and success.

Creators know audience better than anyone else

Creators know what works and what doesn’t. So communicate your goal to Creket creators and trust them to manage the giveaway campaign for you.

Working with experienced creators increases a chance of running a successful giveaway campaign.

Choose Creket creators who have had experiences running a giveaway. Consider those who have had good engagement with their past giveaway, because odds are your giveaway will do well too. Communicate with creators on the following and elaborate them on your custom request when you make an order.

Here are 6 steps you should communicate with Creket creators to run a successful giveaway.

Step1. Set a clear goal for the giveaway

• Grow your Instagram following

• Get people to subscribe to your email list 

• Generate user-generated content (UGC)

Step2. Choose a relevant prize and appropriate participation

Dunkin partnered with @allisonvrhovac to give out a $20 giftcard to buy coffee and donut at Dunkin. 

 Here is a giveaway campaign example from @cupoftj




Step 3. Decide contest conditions


It’s important that you make it easy for people to participate. Limit the number of steps required to 3 or 4.  


The contest rules are usually the mixture of 2-3 of the following requirements.  Here are some of the few requirements examples; 


• Liking a photo 


• Leaving a comment 

• Mention their friends in the comment

• Follow your instagram account

• Reposting your photo


There are 4 actions you need to complete: 1) Follow @creator & @brand, 2) Like the post., 3) Tag 3 friends in a comment to this post, and 4)Share this photo in your stories.




Step 4. Select a campaign #hashtag

Hashtags are crucial to get found on Instagram. Having a dedicated hashtag for your giveaway campaign will help you with promotion and tracking the success of your campaign.

Select a hashtag that is relevant to your brand and product or service.  The hashtag has to be unique to your particular campaign. Do your research and make sure no one is using it. 

Tips: Instagram doesn’t allow spacing, so CAPITALIZE each word so that the hashtag is easy to read. E.g. #GetSponsoredWithCreket is better than #getsponsoredwithcreket 



Step 5. Launch and promote your giveaway


You have done a great job in planning and preparing so far, now it’s time to launch it. 


• Use text on your content post stating the giveaway so that it stands out in instagram feed and be recognized easily as a giveaway contest


Here is another giveaway campaign example from @peptalknz 

Notice how they effectively let people know it’s a contest with a simple word ‘Win!’ They did it in style.



Step 6. Evaluate Giveaway Contest Results  

When the end date arrives, announce your winners. Send out the prizes and congratulate them for winning your contest.  


Wrap up the contest, by editing your post caption and clearly state “contest closed” at the beginning. This will make sure no other will attempt to participate, while still keeping your post visible on your feed for promotional purposes.  


Evaluate the result of your instagram. How did it go? Did you achieve your target following? Measure the participation, follower increase, web traffic or other criteria. This step is crucial to help you learn about what works for your business and will help you run the better, more successful giveaway content in the future.   



Running a giveaway contest can have a huge impact on your business growth. Work with Creket Creators to ensure things go smoothly without much efforts. 


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