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8 superb ideas to create listings that sell on Creket

Admin 2020.08.02 20:52:06
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8 superb ideas to create listings that sell on Creket

The more listings you have, the more likely you will sell more. 

Here are 8 superb ideas you can steal to create as many custom listings as possible that sell on Creket. 



When you create a listing on Creket, the last thing you want to do is to say,

 “I will offer an IG story for $50” 

and that’s it. 


Social posts offer you a lot of flexibility with the types of content, niche category and target market. You should leverage that. With a single social post feature alone, you can create more than a single listing by offering variations of a single post. 


The more listings you have, the more likely you will sell more. Here are 8 superb ideas you can steal to create as many custom listings as possible that sell on Creket.  





1. Teaser 


Doing teasers is a great way to warm up your audience for what is coming next. Instead of directly announcing or posting anything, Teaser builds up anticipation and puts a mental note in the audience’s mind to come back for the big reveal. 


What can you tease about? It can be about the upcoming product review, giveaway announcement, event, or anything that is worth waiting for. List your content to ask potential sponsors to work with you for the next new product releases.  





2. Unboxing 


Getting a new thing delivered to your door is exciting. What could be more exciting for your followers than you unboxing the item you just got from your sponsors. People love unboxing videos. Unboxing video is simple to produce, but it can be very engaging. 


While you are unboxing, tell them briefly about your expectation and how you’ll be using it. Once unboxed, you can talk about your first impressions. Your excitement and energy will entice your audience to look forward to your next content about the item. List your photo or video content while unboxing other products so that you can show potential sponsors “this is how you do it.” 





3. Behind the scene 


Behind-the-scenes lifestyle video is perhaps of the most popular content format for your super fans. It gives your highly engaging followers a sneak peek into your world. This does not require to be pixel perfect; Behind-the-scene content is a lot more casual and easier to make. Plus, you can show a lot of authenticity and build deeper, more intimate connections with your followers and super fans. 


There are many ways you can do it. For example, while you are planning to shoot a product photo, take a few casual snaps showing the process. Or you can also add photos or videos that didn’t make the final cut for your in-feed post. Don’t be shy. This is a way of authentic, engaging content communication only available on Creket where you can monetize those content directly. 





4. Before and after 


Before and after content is the type of content you shouldn’t miss. It’s a perfect way to show the result of using the product. While items like makeup or skincare can greatly benefit from this content format, it’s not limited to a beauty niche only. You can showcase before and after fashion makeover for clothing items, or bedroom makeover for home décor and furniture.  


With your creativity, anything is possible! Just be careful that you follow advertising guidelines when promoting products like weight loss supplements. The last thing you want to do is to give misleading information about something that’s proven to be true.  



5. Tutorials 


If you know what your audience might enjoy learning or what they’re struggling with, you can create the content that makes their lives easier. Tutorials, How to’s, and tips-and-tricks content is the perfect way to make valuable content.  Share your makeup tutorials, workout routines, step-by-step cooking videos, or DIY projects. It’s a perfect chance to give spotlight to your sponsor and introduce their items as the recommended solution.  


If it’s good content, people will want to revisit, re-purchase it. This is one of the most popular content highlighting and adding values for both you and sponsors. 





6. Favorites & Best of 


You may have seen big influencers, especially on Youtube, do videos about their favorites – about places, dishes, games, services, or you name it. You can do the same on your social media. A favorite listing is a brief overview of products, places, or services that you really love. The compilation can take time, so it’s usually made on a monthly basis. (e.g. How about Summer favorites or Best Spots to visit in December?) 


Instead of talking about your sponsored product alone, including it as one of your favorite items is a smart way to make your content feel more authentic.  


In order to make this process easier for you, take notes whenever you find things you love. Keep several lists ready so that you can use it right away when you get an order from your sponsor.  





7. Poll – Vote on a question  


If you want to sell engaging content, Poll is a must on your listing. Polls are an easy, fun, and lighthearted way for your followers to interact with your content. Come up with a simple question with easy answers or ask their opinion on a product. Unlike instagram feed, poll can trigger people to think deeper about the brand when used wisely. Just make sure that you frame the poll in such a creative way that whatever the answers are, it can never harm the brand you are representing. 





8. Add a Location 


Running out of content ideas? Use a location marker! It’s a simple, but guaranteed way to get more local exposure.


On your next visit to a place like restaurants, gyms, salons, museums or city landmarks, share this perfect place as content to promote their business. It significantly increases chances to get matched with local sponsors near you.  


Remember, what sponsors see is what they get at Creket. 


Be descriptive and specific, then you’ll get dozens of order emails in your inbox soon. 

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