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9 Things to Know to Get Paid for your Branded Content

Admin 2020.08.03 07:48:39
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9 Things to Know to Get Paid for your Branded Content

Get Sponsored 101 


You don’t have to be Top Instagram Influencers or YouTube Creators to get sponsored. With Creket, you can build your sale machine and get sponsored for your branded content in minutes. We’ll walk you through fundamentals to get sponsored. 


Creket is built to power sponsorship businesses for creators; we strive to support creators who wish to gain consistent, sustainable income through their content creation. We also empower creators to retain direct contact with their most passionate brands and fans.


With Creket, you can list your branded content in minutes, and get sponsored instantly from amazing brands across the border from all over the countries. 


Here are the 9 crucial things you need to know about managing your sponsorship business with Creket. 





1. Brands are looking for more authentic and engaging creators. 


Again, you don’t have to be Top Instagram Influencers or YouTube Creators to get paid for your branded content. Brands look for authentic following and engagement because integrity is important. When brands are using budget to work with creators, they want to ensure that their money is being spent on an influencer whose audience is real. 





2. The more branded content you have, the more credibility you have. 


You have been giving your fans content “for free”, and listing your branded content at Creket changes that dynamic. The more branded content you have, the more credibility you have. It makes you seem more established, like you have brands that you’ve worked with. That means you’re producing good content and you’re worthy of approaching and offering branded content opportunities. 





3. There are two types of sponsors buying your branded content. 


Brands want to cultivate highly engaging content with your media in niche interests, whatever exclusivity you offer in exchange for being part of your unique content. 

OR, your fans want to support YOU, meaning, your followers are potential venues for you to get sponsored. They love how they feel when they contribute directly to your success. Encourage your followers to be part of your sponsors, foster an emotional connection with your audience, and speak directly to become your sponsor. 





4. Sponsorship turns your most passionate fans into sponsors. 


Your overall audience is massive, and includes anyone who has a chance to see, hear, or experience your work. Sponsor isn’t only for general brands. Among your followers, commentators, or fellow creators, the small group of super-fans will engage with you wherever you currently promote your work. 





5. Sponsorship is valuable to you, the creator, for a number of reasons. 


While sustainable income is a top priority for many creators, sponsorship also gives you the ability to grow your team, retain financial and creative independence, deepen relationships with fans, and make more and better content. 





6. Be creative to offer benefits that sponsors love. 


Most creators offer sponsored or promoted content for brands. You can also offer exclusivity for certain events or specific periods of time. 


List branded content for local festivals, Valentines day, or Black Friday. How about birthday celebrations for a superfan of yours? 


The more targeted your branded content is, the more brands and fans feel relevant and likely sponsor your content. 





7. Creket is constantly figuring out ways to help lighten your workload. 


In addition to Creator Discover page and Social Proof/FOMO sales tools, we constantly involve brands for partnerships so you can engage with your sponsors on the platform you love. 





8. Your channel is the best place to promote your branded content. 


Create and share your custom Promotion Code on your social media channels so that you can get sponsored for your branded content promptly. Be sure to highlight the value sponsor brings to them. 





9. Your branded content offering is EXCITING and you should talk about it a lot! 


Your most passionate fans are super happy to learn that there’s a new and special way to connect with you. Still, many sponsors need you to tell them about it six or seven times before signing up. Which means that you need to talk about it frequently, authentically, wherever you and your fans connect already. 



Want more tips? Check out other articles from Creket for more ideas and insights. 

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