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How to get sponsored without DM your sponsors

Admin 2020.08.03 08:14:27
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How to get sponsored without DM your sponsors

3 reasons why Creket is better than DM and emails to help you get sponsored 24/7. 


You may have received many DM inquiries or offers to collaborate. But how many actually sponsored you?


While DM and emails are universal and versatile, they are not built to get you sponsored.


Good news is there is a better alternative that will help you get sponsored without wasting your precious time.





Replying to collaboration inquiry emails and DM are time-consuming


There are so many questions that have to be answered from both sides.


You will need to ask sponsors for their website, ask about the product they want to promote, what they want, whether it’s an image or video, which platforms they want it to be posted ,etc. 


Sponsors will need to ask about your service rates. Then both sides have to negotiate the fee and all the other smaller details. 


Emailing or DMing back and forth takes time, adding unnecessary costs to close collabs deals. 


If not email or DM, what should you use then? 


We have a time-efficient, one-stop solution for creators so that you can focus on creating stunning content.


Your solution is to list your branded content on Creket.





Creket is designed to help you get direct orders 24/7. 


Skip all DM and emails, your orders will just keep coming

In addition to your Creket’s profile, sponsors will be able to see everything they need to know from your Creket’s listed content including

Your niche categories
• Social media platforms

• Detailed description about the content

• What’s included 

• Prices 

• Sample work 


Sponsors from all over the globe will be able to shop your content anytime, regardless of their time zone.


Let your branded content speak for you. (plus, they keep working even if you are as sleep) 





No more offers. Get 100% valid orders only.


When you get notified from Creket about the order, it means you are getting sponsored 100%. 


You won’t need to negotiate the price, the content, or any terms. 


Sponsors won’t be able to cancel the order after 24 hours mark, meaning they have done enough research and they are serious about working with you. They are also not allowed to negotiate for lower prices, so you can be assured that you are getting the deal you think is fair. 





Just one click away to cancel incoming orders


Creket puts you in charge of the deal. Like or didn’t like the brand? You can simply cancel the order. 


To help you decide whether you and the sponsor will be a good match, you can view 


• Sponsor’s profile 

• Previous collab work showcase 

• What sponsors are providing 

• Sponsor’s specific request (if any) 


We take out the awkward moments from negotiation. If you think it’s not a good order, you can simply cancel with one quick. We ask no question. 


With Creket, you can get a deal without face-to-face communication. 



We design Creket marketplace, so that you can focus on being a creator. The best part of all-creating an account on Creket and listing your branded content is completely FREE. 

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