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10x better way ever to find and work with influencers

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10x better way ever to find and work with influencers 

6 reasons why Creket is the fastest way for brands to do influencer marketing. 



Most businesses are already using some form of influencer marketing. Although the practice is widely adopted and has shown significant impact on brand’s revenue, managing Influencer marketing campaigns can be a daunting task. 


Managing Influencer marketing campaigns is challenging.

For those who are considering it for the first time, it can be overwhelming, not knowing where to start. Without prior experience, brands may choose to pay for influencer marketing platforms or hire an agency. However, they can be expensive and may not be the ideal options for everyone.

For those who already have experience with influencer marketing, there are still many challenges. The Influencer Marketing Report 2019 shows that finding influencers is their biggest struggle. Despite many tools available, finding the right person for their brand image and target audience remains a challenging and time-consuming task. Many have had personal experiences with fake influencers in previous campaigns, making the selection process even harder. Other challenges include managing contracts, time restraints, and processing payment to influencers.
The biggest challenges in managing influencer campaigns. (Source: Influencer Marketing Report)

Influencer marketing can be challenging, but with the right tool, it is indeed an effective marketing strategy to help you grow your business.

That’s why we create Creket, to tackle concerns and challenges you are facing while managing influencer marketing.

Here are 6 reasons why Creket is the fastest way for brands to do influencer marketing.

1. It’s free to browse influencers and you can start right away.

Creket makes it simple and easy for you to get started.

• You don’t need to pay for an influencer list or database


• You don’t need to install programs or plugins


• You don’t need to book a demo to learn how to use it. It’s simple. Anyone who knows about online shopping will be able to use it

2. Find the right creator instantly with Creket search.

Finding the right partner is the most difficult but crucial step for the success of your influencer marketing campaign. Creket search is straightforward and allows you to find the right creator. We simplify the search and filter by eliminating ambiguities and generating “content level” trade experience.

• Works perfectly within your budget. Creket is the only place transparent about the cost for branded content. Creket allows you to filter with your comfortable level of expenditure

• Search your niche with long-tailed hashtags. We match you at your preferred location, with niche categories. Creket allows you to meet relevant creators with very specific hashtags.

• Helps you make decisions with reviews, ratings, and past collab work from previous sponsors. So that you won’t have to worry about fraudulent influencers.

3. Cut off the negotiation and go straight to the deal.

At Creket, what you see is what you get; creator’s creativity, concept, category, target audience, price, and niche hashtags are all there. So there is no need for back and forth negotiation.

When you find the branded content that fits your brand, simply ‘shop’ it. Put it in your bag and check it out. You can simply add what you provide and special request (if any). 
The shopping experience is simple. Creket cut offs the time-consuming step. No negotiation. No hassle.

4. Start working within 24 hours, or move on.

Your creator will be notified of your order. If there are no cancellation from both sides within 24 hours, your order is confirmed and you can start collaborating right away.

If he/she cancels the order, you can move on to find other creators promptly. So that there is no time wasted. No need to wait for days after sending an email requesting for collabs.

5. Creket takes care of administrative work.

Managing contracts and processing payment can be time-consuming and tedious. Creket handles paperworks so that you can focus on doing important tasks.
No contracts, terms, or payment arrangement with creators is necessary.

• Simply pay the fee in full with paypal and Creket will hold the payment for you. After you confirm the completion, your creator will get paid automatically

• Creket offers a Sponsor protection program to ensure you get what you paid for without managing contracts with creators in person, and steps in to help you
 resolve any disputes between you and your creator

6. The three steps – find, reach out and work, all in one place.

Creket helps you manage influencer marketing campaigns by bringing everything you need to make a successful campaign in one place.

• No need to email or DM your creators

• Everything will be on Creket so you can keep things organized and respond quickly

• Keeping your communications only on Creket means that we can help you resolve disputes 



Manage your influencer marketing campaign – fast and easy – at Creket



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