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Etsy shop owner, LIZ’s secret marketing formula reaching 5,061 orders, 1400 favs, 960 ⭐️5-Star ratin

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Etsy shop marketing formula reaching 5,061 orders, 1400 favs, 960 5-Star ratings in 1 year2.jpg

What is LIZ, Etsy shop owner's marketing formula,

reaching 5,061 orders, 1400 favs, 960 ⭐️5-Star ratings in 1 year?




5,061 orders per year mean 421 orders per month. 

Jewelry Styling 
Social Media Posts 
Comment and reply users 
Manage orders
Response to customers
Contact suppliers
Create new designs
Make sellable products 

All alone, Elizabeth has done everything, marking 421 orders per month.

Let’s meet Elizabeth and find secret marketing strategies to run her handmade jewelry business. 



Have you really done all this alone?

Yes, it’s just me. I get a lot of questions from customers asking if my jewelry is from a fulfillment center and even if my jewelry comes from China! Nope, nope, and nope.

It’s all me hand-making your jewelry, filling your orders, posting on social media, chatting with you on my website, contacting stone suppliers, making new designs, styling photo shoots, and much much more. Luckily, I have the support of my husband!

It’s like a MAGIC.

How did you make 421 orders per month happen?

We have all seen the ad where the well-known model/athlete/superstar holds a product telling you to buy now. Companies can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for just one photo of a celebrity with their product. 

I wanted to share my quickest and best way to gain a following that can convert to a sale! it's by an Instagram Giveaway.

Can you specifically share how you do influencer marketing?

First, I create a short list of niche influencers. A niche influencer is a person with a social media following between 5,000-60,000 followers who are all interested in a central idea or hobby. This could be a group of individuals who like succulents, western interior decor, thrift shopping, just about anything! I sell gemstone jewelry and I also have a collection of essential oil diffusing jewelry so I have chosen a few influencers who focus on essential oils! I offer them free product in return for posts about my pieces of jewelry. 




How do you select influencers?

I get a few profiles that direct message me asking to be an influencer and they look like they have A TON of followers but very little engagement. What matters here is the engagement. It is possible to pay for apps that get a lot of followers quick. The "fast following" is usually just bot accounts and people like this should not be taken seriously because they are usually in it for the free product. 

I’ve reviewed Creket influencers and they all seem legitimate with high engagement and quality content. This is very critical for shop owners like us to save time and MONEY in influencer marketing. 





More tips to select influencers?


I genuinely like their profile, how they engage with their following, they take nice photos. I find these influencers looking through photos, not graph or data analysis platforms. Also, I do multiple influencers at once to cover multiple influencers’ lifestyle can mesh with my product. 

Creators worked with LIZ



How do you work with multiple influencers?

I have a few influencers who only receive products! I offer commission if they are a large niche influencer and that has worked for me because I only pay for performance. It's a win-win. 

I would suggest offering two of an item, one for the influencer and one for a giveaway. Giveaways kill for me. The payoff of this is growing your following and gaining lifelong customers. 

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Did influencer marketing REALLY affect your sales?

Influencer marketing has paid off more than I ever thought possible and works. Last night, one of my influencers began a giveaway with product that I provided her and my Instagram following grew up 350 and sales shot up 178% in just 8 hours. 








What other strategies do you use in influencer marketing?

I also offer an exclusive coupon code just for their followers. A coupon code makes them feel exclusive and gives you a good way of tracking how many sales they have brought to you. 




So, that's it. Pretty easy stuff.

Don't forget to check out my Instagram (@liz.bethjewelryco) for examples and inspiration. 




▼ Creator Partner's Giveaway Sample ▼





You can do it too! 


With Creket, you can also collab with influencers 10x easier than before. 

Influencers become your shop model

Influencers maybe name your product better

Influencers Sell your products

Influencers Become your sales and marketing team lead.

Discover your creators and run giveaway today at Creket!



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