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How to get sponsored without Influencer Media Kit

Admin 2020.07.28 10:18:32
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How to get sponsored without Influencer Media Kit 

Are you still sending out a Media kit to potential sponsors?

If you are wondering why you don’t hear back from them, your media kit might be the problem.

Media kit used to be a tool that helps influencers communicate their values to potential brands. But there is a better alternative to help you land more sponsorship deals.

It takes time and effort to maintain a media kit.

People may advise you that you should put your social media stats (such as the number of followers and engagement rates) from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, on your media kits.

Wait a second… but your followers size increases daily. You can’t possibly update the media kit everyday.

It takes time and effort to maintain a media kit. I’ve seen a media kit that was last updated three years ago.

This outdated content significantly lowers the chance of you getting sponsored.

To keep your media kit relevant, you will also need to keep other information updated such as past work and current partnerships, testimonials, suggested collaborations options, sponsorship rates, etc.

You need to get the design right.

It doesn’t matter how great your social media account or your content is, if your media kit looks ugly, brands will mostly lose interest and close the file before getting to know anything about you.

You need to get the design right. Besides, the graphic design trend keeps changing and a good design today can look outdated very quickly.

Have you spent hours customizing the design file to create your own media kit? Or are you thinking about hiring a graphic designer to revamp your media kit?

The truth is…

Media kit template

A media kit just isn’t good enough to get you a sponsorship.

So, If I ditch a media kit, what should I have then?

The answer is a Creket profile.

Here is why a Creket’s profile is superior for selling your media to sponsors.

1. Creket offers one place to show all your social media accounts at once

Simply connect your Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Tiktok and they all show up in one place. Creket pulls out your social media profile data and keeps you profile up to date without any effort.

2. Share your Creket profile via a single URL and show your Influence, FAQs, and Reviews at once.

In addition to showcase your influence from 4 main social media, share your sponsorship FAQs to minimize DM or email communications. Creket also collects reviews from sponsors and displays them on your profile.

Potential sponsors will be able to see everything they need to know about your sponsorship in advance, bringing you one step closer from closing a deal.

3. Play around your pricing and promo code in one click

After listing your branded content on Creket, if you need to make changes, you can do it easily from Creket mobile app with simple clicks. Play around your pricing and optimize your pricing strategy at once instantly.

Running low and need a little boost on your sales? Simply offer a discount or offer promo code for your best fans. You will be able to create a branded content deal that sponsors can’t resist.

Creket’s profile is your superb salesbot. Forget about the old-fashioned media kit, create a stunning Creket’s profile and get sponsored today.
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